10 Activities to Do While Staying (Safe) at Home!

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Although businesses have already opened up, this does not mean that the COVID-19 pandemic is nearing its end any time soon. Many people have started meeting up regularly again, completely disregarding the risk and ignoring the increase in cases. It may seem boring or mundane, but there are plenty of activities that you can be doing while staying safe at home! 1. Learn a New Language

This might sound like too much work at first, but learning a language is a great way to engage your brain in a fun activity and keep you busy during these times. Many people have certain languages that they’ve always wanted to learn but they've never had the time to sit down and take action on it; now is a great time to do so! 2. Learn/Play an Instrument Many of us participated in extracurricular activities or classes such as band or orchestra in middle school. Although a lot of people quit these classes, it’s never too late to pick up your instrument again and play for fun! If you still participate in band or orchestra, now is the perfect time to practice playing your instrument before going back to school. 3. Read a Book Reading is such a simple activity, yet many of us look over it throughout the year, especially with work and school. Reading is an amazing way to engage your brain and it can help keep you entertained for a very long time. Along with the entertainment benefits, reading can also be very educational! Whenever you find yourself bored, you could always pick up a book and start reading. 4. Sketch/Paint Many people avoid doing artistic activities such as sketching or painting because they believe that they are not good at them. The truth is, you do not have to be good at either of these activities to do them. If you find yourself stressed during these times, doing any form of art is a great way to relieve that stress. It’s important to remember that it’s the process of doing the art that relieves the stress, not the end result! Even if the artwork does not turn out good, the process of doing it can be beneficial to help calm you down. 5. Exercise/Do a Workout There are plenty of workout videos on YouTube that you can follow to stay active, even when you’re staying at home. These videos are generally easy to follow and are usually not too long, so they can fit into anyone’s schedule easily. If you have a treadmill or elliptical at home, you could also use these machines to ensure you get some physical activity every day! Free weights can also be used as a part of your workout to build endurance. 6. Study Ahead for the Next School Year Although it feels like summer has just begun, the reality is that it’s already been one month since school ended for many of us. Since most of us are unsure about whether we are going back to school or doing remote learning again, there are many back-to-school activities that we cannot plan. However, something that we can do is study ahead for the subjects we will be taking for the upcoming year since school will begin regardless of whether it’s at home or in person. It’s a good idea to get a head start on some subjects, especially the classes that are more difficult. 7. Spend Time with Your Family These times have been quite stressful for everyone; not just students. Many of us have been wasting our time watching Netflix or YouTube or spending too much time on social media. Now is an important time for everyone to stick together at home and take care of each other. Time flies; it’s already been 3 months since most of us have been staying at home! It’s important to make sure that you spend enough time with your family before everyone gets busy again. 8. Play a Video Game If you find yourself too tired to do very engaging activities, playing video games can be a great way to relieve stress! You can even play video games with your family members to spend more time with them. Video games are generally thought of as very fun activities where you do not have to think much, but most of the time, you do actually have to think carefully! Regardless, video games are fun and engaging activities that can help make you feel happier. 9. Learn How to Cook or Bake There are many fun videos and recipes available online that you can try to recreate while you are at home. We also have many simple and delicious recipes available in the “Food/Beverages” section of our blog that you can try out! Cooking or baking is an easy way to help get your mind off of things. The best part is, you end up with something yummy to eat! 10. Redesign Your Room Now that we have a lot of time on our hands, we can do more activities that we might not have been able to do before. Redecorating your room can help you feel fresher and happier, especially if you have been sitting in the same room for a long time now. It can also be really fun to think of ideas for new designs! Sources https://newstrance2015.wordpress.com/2015/09/15/fiddling-through-the-pages-of-history-and-classical-notes/

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